Santa's Deliveries

Last year, Santa ran into problems getting all of the presents delivered on time around the World.

The Problem

The elves went on strike because Santa didn't pay them on time.

This was because Santa didn't keep track of the costs involved in creating and delivering the presents.

Nor did he keep track of the income he made, so he wasn't sure if he had enough money to give the elves a pay rise.

Your Task

Use the information below to design a spreadsheet model which could be used by Santa to work out how much it costs to deliver all of the Christmas presents.

Information you need

Total amount of presents to deliver



Number left out for Santa
Each one can be sold for

Number of mince pies left out


40 pence

Glasses of sherry left out


50 pence

Carrots left out


20 pence


Outgoings (costs)
Cost for one present

Cost of present

20 pence

Wrapping paper

5 pence


1 pence

Gift tag

2 pence

Elf wages

5 pence


Try to think about how you can set out the spreadsheet. The three tables above should give you some idea of how to start.

Modelling Tasks

Once you have created your spreadsheet model try answering the following questions by changing your model:

1. Can Santa afford to increase the elves' wages to 10p a present?

2. Can Santa afford to increase the elves' wages to 20p a present?

3. If the number of presents to be delivered rises to 25,000,000 how much can Santa afford to pay the elves and not go into debt?

4. Try changing one other thing in your model and see what happens.


Solution - For teachers only.

Students - try to do as much as you can without help. If you really get stuck or don't know where to begin, ask your teacher's permission before looking at the solution.





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