The Christmas story - with a twist!

We all know the traditional Christmas story of how the three wise men followed a star until they came upon the baby Jesus in a stable.

Well, now you have a chance to re-write this story and set it in the 21st Century!

What could you include?

Well, how did the three wise men find out about the birth of Jesus? Could they have used the Internet? Did MI5 have insider knowledge?

How did they contact one another? Did they use their mobile phones or send an email?

How did they find their way to the stable? Perhaps they used Google Earth or Sat Nav.

Use your imagination, let it run wild and try to include plenty of examples of modern technology.


Send us your version of the 'Modern Christmas Story' and we will publish the best ones here for others to read!

email us on: and call the email 'Christmas Story'


Here are some of the stories we have received:


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