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Many people have asked me to introduce myself and explain a bit about the site.

My name is Debbie Jones. When I started Teach-ICT.com back in 2002 I was working as a Head of Department for ICT (no computer science back then). In those days, few people shared their lesson resources. There was very much the mentality of, 'I've spent my time making this, why should I give it to someone else'. So I decided to go against that thinking and began putting all of my lesson plans and resources on the site so that others could freely access them. Myself and my husband (a programmer for over 30 years) did our day jobs and then came home every evening to work on Teach-ICT, often until after midnight.

The site quickly grew in popularity as more resources were added. We kept it free to access until 2009, but it was so popular by then that it was costing us thousands of pounds every year to pay for dedicated servers. Much as we loved running the site, paying for that out of our own pockets was unsustainable. So myself and my husband made the scary decision to both give up our careers and focus on developing Teach-ICT full-time. One of our sons finished his Masters and has now joined the family business, and the other son, also a programmer, helps out on projects, as and when required.

The site now has thousands of pages, many brand new, some still sitting in the legacy site. There are over 13,000 editable files that are available as part of the subscription package, as well as hundreds of videos, quizzes and other resources.

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