Introduction to HTML

Learn the basics

Page 1: Starting off Page 5: Font colours
Page 2: Setting up the webpage Page 6: Aligning headings and text
Page 3: Bold, underline, italics Page 7: paragraphs, font size, line breaks
Page 4: Heading styles Page 8: Adding images


Aligning headings and text

Step 14

Headings are often in the centre of the page, so lets have a look at how to do that.

In the <h1> tag we can add an extra instruction to tell it align in the centre.

Now remember that we need to spell using an American format, so centre becomes ‘center’  it won’t work if you spell it the English way.

Change the <h1> tag to say <h1 align=”center”> 

(make sure you use speech marks as shown)


step 14


Save notepad and refresh your webpage.

Go back and see if you can align some of the headings to be centre, some to be “right” and some to be “left”.







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