Introduction to HTML

Learn the basics

Page 1: Starting off Page 5: Font colours
Page 2: Setting up the webpage Page 6: Aligning headings and text
Page 3: Bold, underline, italics Page 7: paragraphs, font size, line breaks
Page 4: Heading styles Page 8: Adding images


Setting up the webpage


Step 5

Ok, so you have set up the top part of the page.   Now you want to set up the main part of the page or the ‘body’

After the ‘head’ section (because we have finished with this now) type:



step 5


Step 6

Now you can type some text that you want to appear on your page.  Lets start off by putting a heading for the page.


In between the opening and closing body tags type something like, ‘My Very First Webpage’

step 6


Step 7

Now make a folder in your area called ‘web design’

Save your work into the folder calling it ‘first effort.html’

step 7

Notepad will probably try to save it as ‘first effort.txt’  make sure you change it to .html otherwise you can’t make a webpage.

This is your first webpage!

Here is the title that you set up, see it is in the page title bar.

Here is the heading you set up on the main part of the webpage

Keep this webpage open.

step 7a






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