Introduction to HTML

Learn the basics

Page 1: Starting off Page 5: Font colours
Page 2: Setting up the webpage Page 6: Aligning headings and text
Page 3: Bold, underline, italics Page 7: paragraphs, font size, line breaks
Page 4: Heading styles Page 8: Adding images


Heading styles

Step 11

Repeat the text ‘My Very First Webpage’ six times

step 11


Step 12

Now you can put on heading size tags. 

These come with numbers with 1 being the largest and 6 being the smallest:

<h1>  </h1>

Put on <h> start and end tags from <h1> to <h6> as shown here


Save your notepad version.

Go to your webpage version and refresh.

It should look something like this

step 12a





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