2. Who uses presentation software?

Many people make use of presentation software to support them when they have to give a presentation to others. Here are a few examples:

Sales people often have to give presentations to customers, clients or managers.

They need to be able to present facts and figures perhaps to let managers know sales performances or perhaps to show customers their latest products.

sales person

Most medium to large sized companies have a human resource department who will be involved in training new employees or providing training schemes for existing employees.

Presentation software is regularly used as a training tool.


Teachers often use presentations so that students have a concise set of notes to copy from the board.

Students are also regularly asked to create presentations about a topic they have been studying. They may be asked to show their presentations to the rest of the class.


Presentation software is regularly used during conferences. Speakers will project their key points onto a large screen whilst they talk about the subject.


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