6. Interview arrangements

It is unlikely that a single interview with an user will cover everything the analyst needs to know. Therefore part of the plan should include 3 interview types

1. An initial interview
This interview is to scope out the overall problem that the new system is to solve and any shortcomings in the current system. This interview provides the analyst with a context for the project. This information is recorded in the definition part of the the requirements document


2. Gather facts interview
The initial interview allowed the analyst to have a view of the project and begin to understand what needs to be done. This second interview is intended to gather detailed information about the system. This information helps build up the draft requirements document


3. Final interview
The draft requirements document has been written. This interview goes through the relevant part of it with the interviewee (who could be user, management or customer). They confirm that the requirement document is correct or they provide feedback if any changes need to be made.

After the final interviews the extra information is added to the requirements document.


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