4. Questionnaires - pros and cons


Advantages of questionnaires
Disadvantages of questionnaires
Can get answers from a lot of people in a relatively short space of time Only as good as the questions being asked. If the questions are poorly worded or they are biased then the data obtained might not give an accurate picture.
They provide lots of data for analysis and the more data sets, the more accurate the analysis Can be difficult for the analyst to ask the right questions if they are unfamiliar with the system
Everyone answers the same questions i.e. same information is requested. Reduces bias. They are impersonal, people may be more open face to face discussions
Allows people to answer at a time convenient to them The response rate may be poor - especially if people are busy or don't see the benefit in answering
If anonymous, perhaps more honest answers will be provided Difficult to allow people to expand on their answers, especially with closed questions
Questions can be planned ahead of time by the analyst  


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