6. Output specification

If the output is also in a visual form, then the diagrams and techniques used to define the input forms can also be used for the output screens or printouts.

On the other hand, outputs may also include graphical screens, database records and data files. If so, then the output specification needs to define these in detail

For example, an output may show data as a graph, as shown below

graph example

In which case, the data source needs to identified along with formatting requirements for the graph.

If custom data files are to be created, then there needs to be a section describing the internal structure of the files. This is essential information for the developers as they need to ensure that the files can be handled by the system properly. Often, data files are stored in an industry standard format such as a PDF, in which case the specification points to the external format specification for that type of file.

If there are database records involved, then the structure of the data record needs to be defined as well.


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