8. Criteria: business improvement

The system may have been developed with business improvement in mind.

For example,

Market share

The objective may to increase market share and this system is meant to support that. Market share is a well established criteria and is quite easily quantified in most industries.

Advertising efficiency and revenue

It might be a system to target advertising in a more productive way or to increase advertising revenue such as a magazine, web site or newspaper might want to do. For example click-through per thousand views is a popular way of measuring advertising efficiency.

Brand awareness

It might be a system to improve brand awareness such as using social media more effectively. Again there are a number of ways to measure brand awareness. For example brand recall and brand recognition surveys can be used to quantify this.


So even these, more nebulous objectives, can be set down in quantifiable ways as part of the evaluation criteria to be used. Subjective evaluation criteria should be avoided as then it becomes a matter of one person's opinion over someone else.


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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