4. System requirements specification

This document sets out the detail required of the new system. It includes

  • Data capture methods for the system
  • Data inputs to the system
  • Data outputs from the system
  • Data processing within the system
  • The file structure for data storage
  • The user interface i.e. screen layouts, buttons, error messages
  • How information is accessed and indexed or sorted.
  • The operating system to be used
  • The hardware to be used to run the new system

This is quite an extensive list of things to be done, but a good system requirements document will hopefully guide developers to a successful conclusion.

An ambiguous or poorly written system requirements document will cause confusion, mistakes and most likely time and cost over-runs.

So it is worth the effort that goes into this task

Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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