7. Safety issues

The workplace can be a dangerous place.


Some precautions which can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents are:

  • Ensure there are no trailing wires across or around the room which people could trip on
  • Electrical sockets should not be overloaded
  • Electrical equipment should be safety tested at least once a year
  • There should be adequate space around desks for people to move
  • Bags and obstacles should be stored out of the way so that people can't trip over them
  • Food and drink should not be placed near a machine
  • Heating and ventilation should be suitable for the working environment
  • Work desks should be strong enough to support computers and equipment
  • Staff should follow the safety regulations
  • Fire extinguishers should be available, including specialist ones to deal with electrical fires.
  • Fire exits should be clearly marked and free from clutter

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