8. Hotspots

Sometimes the designer may want to provide an invisible hyperlink. Or they may want to allow you to click on an image to jump somewhere else.

It is possible to define an area on the web page that will let you jump to another page.This area is called a 'hotspot'

Hot spots are often invisible, but when you hover your mouse over one, the cursor changes to a little hand. The designer can add any number of hot spots to a page.

There is a hot spot on the page you are reading right now - hover your mouse somewhere over the banner at the top of this page.


a hotspot


You will notice that the little hand appears. This is a 'hot spot'. In this case it will take you to the home page of www.teach-ict.com.

You will often find that the logo in the banner of a web page contains a hotspot that takes you to their home page.


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

Click on this link: Designing a hotspot