12. Using a Web Authoring package

When the Web came into existence , there were only text editors available.

But people soon realised there was a better and faster way of creating web pages. And so Web Authoring packages were developed.

A good web authoring package will have the following features (and many others):

  • You can view and edit the page as it will look in a web browser. Sometimes called a WYSIWIG editor ("What You See Is What You Get")
  • You can view and edit the HTML code directly if you want.
  • It will check that the navigation links are working
  • It wil provide ready made 'templates' so you only have to add your own content if you want to.
  • Easy to add or remove pages without breaking the site navigation



  • Takes time to learn
  • A professional package costs hundreds of pounds although there are cheap or even free ones available as well. For example there are some very capable free 'open-source' applications.


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

Click on this link: Web Authoring Package