2. Types of web sites

Web sites are usually designed with a specific purpose in mind. These include

  • E-commerce sites - you visit these to buy something
  • Information sites - such as your favourite news website
  • Entertainment - such as YouTube and the BBC iPlayer site
  • Business - provides support, documents and software drivers for customers
  • Ideas and opinion sites - such as personal blogs or your own personal site
  • Social networking site - such as someone's Facebook page
  • Portfolio site - you want to show off your work to a potential employer or client


Type of site

This type of site is dedicated to selling goods and services directly over the Internet. An e-commerce site includes

  • A number of things for sale
  • A "shopping cart" to select items
  • A payment method such as credit card.
Information and knowledge sites

These exist to provide factual information and knowledge

  • Online encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia
  • News sites such as the BBC News
  • Online training and education - such as teach-ict.com

These exist just for fun and entertainment

  • Catch-up TV such as BBC iPlayer
  • Online gaming sites
  • Viewing videos such as on YouTube
  • Sports sites - football clubs
  • Celebrity sites - follow your favourite pop star
Ideas and opinion

Visitors read other people's opinion about things

  • Personal blog site
  • Professional journalists providing analysis
  • Forums set up for a certain topic
Business These are created by a business to support their customers, provide information and maybe download software drivers. They do not sell things directly on this kind of site.
Social networking Show friends and visitors details about your life. You do not need technical knowledge to set up your own web page on these kind of sites.
Portfolio site These are created to show off what you can do. So you can find work and new clients. For example a wedding photographer could have a site showing off the kind of work they do. Or a web designer can show their skill to a potential employer.


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