9. RAD : Setting time limits

The idea is to treat each part of the requirements development as 'mini-projects' in their own right. Sometimes called 'timeboxing'.

tme limitThe requirements are divided into tasks in which users and developers are involved. Each task is set a strict time limit. When time is up it is expected that a fully accepted set of requirements has been defined and agreed.

Splitting up a project in this way allows the overall project manager and client to have a very clear view of progress. It also stops users from endlessly tweaking the requirements.

If one task / timebox is late, then

  1. Requirements are added to another timebox and developed further
  2. or, the requirements are considered too difficult to achieve in the time available and either simplified or dropped altogether

Being willing to drop or modify requirements means the overall project is not delayed by disagreement on one aspect of the system.


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