6. E-mail

E-mail stands for 'Electronic Mail'.

emailThe electronic transmission of mail allows you to send formatted text and images to someone else with an email address.

Each E-mail user has a 'mailbox' with a unique address into which messages can be sent ready for the recipient to collect and read.

If you have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Yahoo then they will provide you with an email address and let you use their email service for no extra cost.

You can also get an email address from one of the many free providers such as Hotmail or Gmail.

Email is now one of the most common methods of communication - ask most people that you know, they will probably have an email address.

Smart phones can download your emails so you can read them anywhere, they also allow you to send emails.

You can also attach files to an email, for example a word document or spreadsheet.

Without email, many businesses would not be able to operate.


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