2. Telephone

This is the most popular method of communication, having been around for more than a hundred years in various forms.

mobile phoneThe land line telephone is still important for business and home, however mobile phones are fast becoming the favoured technology.

Around 92% of people in the UK have a mobile phone (source Ofcom). They range from cheap-and-cheerful call-and-text only devices to smart phones that can do far more such as email, web browsing, play music.

Recently smart phones allow you to install extra applications, or 'Apps' as they are called. There are apps for virtually any interests from cinema listings to DIY spirit levels.

For the more exotic locations where there is neither land line nor mobile coverage, you can use a satellite phone. These connect directly to an orbiting satellite. They are not cheap, but they let you speak from anywhere on Earth.

There are also telephones that work over the internet rather than the usual telephone line. If both of you have this kind of phone, then calls are free.

The telephone come in these forms:

  • Land line
  • Mobile phone
  • Satellite phone
  • Internet phone


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