2. Deliverables

At the end of the analysis phase, there should be what is known as 'deliverables' in management-speak. These include

Requirements Document

This is a formal document that will outline what the the new or modified system needs to do. The information is presented as diagrams, tables and descriptions so that the rest of the team and management can understand what are the expectations of the project.

The Requirements Document will also outline the performance improvements expected of it. Such as

Current System New System
Input form is processed in 10 minutes Input form is processed in 5 minutes
Cannot create a PDF document Will create both printouts and pdf documents
Has 20 Gigabytes of memory Has 200 Gigabytes of memory


Outline Project Plan

At this point, there needs to be a fairly broad project plan in terms of likely manpower and facility requirements along with an idea of the time the project is going to take.

The fine detail of the project plan is worked out in the next stage of the System Life Cycle namely the design phase. However the requirements document should include this broad detail so that the project can be signed off and approved.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

This provides an understanding of the financial commitment compared to the benefits that each investment brings. For example, a new computer will cost a certain amount and this computer will improve the system in a number of ways - preferably in a quantified way. A vague benefit such as 'it will be faster' is not useful whereas 'it will complete the process in 20 minutes, a 25% improvement over the old system" is concrete and easy to confirm..


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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