This section guides you through the main topics of A Level advanced computing theory

OCR AS Computing: Unit F451 - Computer Fundamentals







Components of a Computer System






Define terms

a. define the terms hardware, software, input device, storage device and output device;

Input, output, storage devices

b. describe the purpose of input devices, storage devices and output devices;

Types of software

c. describe the different roles and functions of systems software and applications packages.











Systems Life Cycle

a. describe the stages of the systems life cycle


b. Explain the importance of defining a problem accurately


c. describe the function and purpose of a feasibility study


d. explain the importance of determining the information requirements of a system and describe different methods of fact finding, including questionnaires, observation, and structured interviews, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each method


e. describe what is involved when analysing the requirements of a system, explaining the nature of the requirements specification and its content, including current data structures, inputs, outputs and processing represented in diagrammatic form (data flow diagrams, system flowcharts), identify inefficiencies/problems in the current system


f: describe a design specification including input design, diagrammatic depiction of the overall system, processing, data structure design and output design;


g: explain the importance of evaluating the system, and how to identify the criteria used for evaluation;

  h: explain the content and importance of different types of documentation at different stages in the system life cycle, including the technical and user manuals;





Data representations


















Data transmission








Implications of computer use





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