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What's New - December 2015

A level computing for 2016 specification

Parallel processing mini-web - new

Weekly technology news stories

Netflix and other services to be available on holiday

Baidu driverless car completes test on Beijing roads

Drone squad to be launched by Tokyo police

Smartphone consultations with GPs in digital health plan

Wikipedia launches edit-checking artificial intelligence

Facebook bows to Belgian privacy ruling over cookies

Google to give schools Raspberry Pi microcomputers

Technology in schools: Future changes in classrooms

Tablets 'eroding' children's digital skills

New Sky Q service to offer mix of live and on-demand TV

Robogami: the future of robotics?

NSA phone data collection 'illegal', US court rules

Video game use linked to worse GCSEs, study suggests

Concerns over older people's IT skills

Facebook's laser drones v Google's net-beaming balloons

Google's Project Loon internet balloons to circle Earth


New Job offer

Bramdean School need an ICT and Computer Studies Teacher.


New school visit destination

Computing History Centre, Cambridge


GCSE ICT Theory Sections

GCSE - Computer types - updated mini-web

GCSE - Output Devices - updated mini-web

GCSE - Disability and access - updated mini-web

GCSE - Storage devices - updated mini-web

GCSE - Buffer- updated mini-web

GCSE - Computer networks - updated mini-web

GCSE - Network Topologies - updated mini-web

GCSE - Peer to Peer and Lient Server - updated mini-web

GCSE - What is bandwidth - updated mini-web

GCSE - Features of mobile phones - updated mini-web

GCSE - Communication methods - updated mini-web

A2 ICT Lesson Resources

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > Theory Notes Task

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > 100 Words

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > Are They Right?

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > Booklet

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > Construct an Answer

Lesson Task > 3.3.1 > Memory Management > Create a Crossword


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