1. Introduction

Specification point:

e. describe what is involved when analysing the requirements of a system, explaining the nature of the requirements specification and its content, including current data structures, inputs, outputs and processing represented in diagrammatic form (data flow diagrams, system flowcharts), identify inefficiencies/problems in the current system

Now that the investigation stage of the system life cycle has been completed, the system analystAnalysis phase of SLC with have the information they need to make progress.

The next stage is to create the Requirements Document.

This is a formal document that will outline what the the new or modified system needs to do.

Various tools and techniques are used to produce this document, including data flow diagrams, flowcharts and so on.

The requirements document is likely to be updated as the project is underway. This is because a complex project is likely to bring up some issues as it is developed, and those issues need to be formally documented.




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