Spreadsheets and Modelling - Extra Resources


Spreadsheets - theory

This 'mini-website' can be used to enable students to find out the main theory about spreadsheets for themselves.

They could make notes as they go along for reference.

There is a quiz towards the end which will check their understanding.

There is also a task to reinforce their understanding of how formulae update values.

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Spreadsheets - theory

This is a Flash based resource which has been designed by Alan to introduce Excel 2007 to students.

The Flash presentation is followed by a quiz which could be done by students individually or as a whole class using the IWB.

There is an example lesson plan to provide guidance as to how it could be incorporated within a lesson.

Kindly contributed by Alan Cree

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Excel Video Tutorials

Encourage independent learning by getting the students to try to find out for themselves how to do something rather than automatically relying on you to show them.

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Lesson Ideas

Lesson idea - measuring BMI

This lesson idea was submitted to the TES website by DJ Phillips. This would be a fantasic idea to spark students' interests and give them a basic understanding of how to use spreadsheets.


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Cover Lesson

Cover lesson

Jon Bridgeman of Finham Park School has kindly contributed a cover lesson for this unit.

Each lesson comes with a pupil worksheet and a guidance sheet for the teacher. The guidance sheet is designed to be used by the cover teacher and will explain how the students should approach the tasks. It also gives guidance on internet usage and SEN.

Please note that there may be references on the sheets to Jon's school network directory structure so you wil have to change these to suit your particular network and file system

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Paper-based tasks

Spreadsheet exercise 1

This task provides a good opportunity to check student's understanding of spreadsheet terminology and functionality.

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Spreadsheet exercise 2

This exercise asks students to design a spreadsheet on paper for a school fete.

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Spreadsheet exercise 3

This exercise asks students to design a spreadsheet on paper to help a teacher store test results.

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