Using the Internet Safely - Tasks

Here are a selection of tasks in no particular order. Choose the ones which are appropriate for your students.

Internet safety booklet

A fantastic resource that can be used as part of your delivery of a SoW for online safety.

Note, you will need to have done the thinkuknow training in order to access the videos referred to in the booklet.

Kindly contributed by Bob Walker

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Worksheet 1

This worksheet asks students to identify some of the rules of being safe on the Internet and to think about what might happen if they don't follow them.

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Worksheet 2

This worksheet asks students to identify rules for using chatrooms safely

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Worksheet 3

This worksheet gives students a range of situations that they might encounter and asks them what they would do if it happened to them.

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Worksheet 4

Website safety assessment. Students are asked to identify websites/chatrooms they have used over the last few days and assess any potential hazards from using them.

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Worksheet 5

This is an activity which can be used to create a wall display.

Students are given a 'stop' sign into which they can type a rule for staying safe whilst online.

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Worksheet 6

This worksheet gives students a recent news story about cyber bullying. They should read through the news story and answer the questions as fully as they are able.

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Many thanks to Chris Coleman of Conyers School for kindly contributing these superb resources

E-safety workbook

The Government is asking teachers to focus on ensuring that students understand how to stay safe when using modern day technology.

Chris Coleman has produced an original set of resources to support the teaching and learning of this topic. He suggests that this is run as a six week unit of work.

There are two workbooks, one for the majority of students and the second for lower ability students.

Both workbooks provide clear indications of NC levels and a wide range of tasks and activities for students to work through independently.

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Workbook (lower ability)

E-safety key terms

This activity provides students with a list of key terms some of which they might have heard of, many will be new to them.

The aim is for them to work independently to find out what each term means.

Many of the key terms can be found in the glossary

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E-safety Scenarios Homework

This is a useful activity to give to students as a piece of homework.

Tell them not to rush it, but to spend time thinking about each scenario and what they might do if they were faced with a similar situation.

This could be used as the basis of a class discussion next lesson.

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E-safety Mobile Action Homework

This homework activity asks students to focus on the use of mobile phones and to consider their good and bad points.

This could be used as the basis of a class discussion next lesson.

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