4. Flat file database

As mentioned on the previous page - a database is made up of one or more tables.

When there is only a single table in the database, this is called a 'flat file database'.

A flat file database looks something like this:-

ID Title First name Surname Address City Postcode Telephone
1 Mr Tom Smith 42 Mill Street London WE13GW 010344044
2 Mrs Sandra Jones 10 Low Lane Hull HU237HJ 022344033
2 Mr John Jones 10 Low Lane Hull HU237HJ 022344033

A flat file database is an excellent way of storing a relatively small amount of records ( few thousand perhaps).

For example a spreadsheet application such as Excel can be used as a flat file database. Each row in a worksheet can be a record and each column, a field. The worksheet is effectively a table.

spreadsheet flatfile


Flat file database can also be stored in a dedicated database application such as Access

access flat file database



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