1. The System Life Cycle (SLC)

Specification point:

a. describe the stages of the systems life cycle

The SYSTEM LIFE CYCLE is a method of breaking down the development of a new system into a logical set of stages, each of which are involved with specific tasks.



The SLC consists of the following stages:

  1. Definition
  2. Investigation and analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Testing
  6. Installation
  7. Documentation
  8. Evaluation
  9. Maintenance

Although all projects should start with the definition stage and end with the maintenance stage, the process is not always completely linear. After completion of one stage, it might be necessary to return to an earlier stage.

There are two popular non-linear approaches to SLC called the 'water-fall' method and the 'spiral' method. These will be described more fully later on.


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