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Teach-ICT does not own any of the websites below. The links have merely been added to enable teachers to choose whether they wish students to visit spoof or 'fake' websites.

It is strongly suggested that teachers discuss the content of these websites with students after any investigation and make students aware that the content is not to be believed.


Tree Octopus

This website will fool most of your students and have them trying to think up ways that they can help this 'endangered' species.

Get students to look at it and don't tell them that it is a spoof, play along with the idea that it is genuine at first. Then bring the discussion around to how they should not automatically believe everything that they see or read on the Internet. It isn't necessarily true!

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Flying Penguins

The BBC created a 90-second advert to promote iPlayer. The advert claims that a colony of penguins which are able to fly has recently been discovered.

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Dog Island

Over 2,500 dogs are already enjoying a better life at Dog Island. Separated from the anxieties of urban life, dogs on Dog Island are healthy dogs who live a natural, healthy and happy life, free from the stress and hardship associated with daily live among humans.

Or are they?

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Sellafield Zoo

As a side effect of the nuclear power plant at Sellafield, this zoo has managed to establish a collection of rather unusual animals ...

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Dehydrated Water

Just the product you need when you need to carry plenty of liquids around with you!

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Victorian robots

Read all about the development, use and impact of robots during the Victorian era.

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The British Stick Insect Foundataion

A website dedicated to news and discussions about stick insects. There is even a section about training your stick insect

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Burmese Mountain Dogs

The 'official' site for the breed you have never heard of before.

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Belgium doesn't exist

The perfect website for anyone who doesn't believe that Belgium is a real country

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Save the Guinea Worm Foundation

Did you know that the rare Guinea Worm faces extinction? No, neither did we until we read this site.

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Save the Rennets

A very useful site to raise awareness of a campaign to save the rennets. However, if it succeeds you might find you no longer have any cheese!

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