Project ideas: contentious topics
Is the death penalty a good idea?
Should animal testing be allowed?
Should euthanasia be legalised?
Should people be allowed to create designer babies?
Have aliens ever landed on earth?
Should animal or human cloning be allowed?
Should we grow and eat genetically engineered food?
Should people be allowed to smoke in public places?
Should people wear fur?
Is surrogate motherhood a good idea?
Is single sex schooling a good idea?
Should same sex marriages be allowed?
Should we keep animals in zoos?
Should the school leaving age be raised?
Should fox hunting be allowed
Should students wear school uniform?
Should we try to stop poverty around the World?
Should the use of torture be allowed?
Is global warming happening?
Is the Internet a good thing?
Should students be allowed mobile phones in school?
Is there life after death?
Do ghosts exist?
Should siamese twins be seperated?
Should abortion be allowed?
Should children be allowed to use online chatrooms?
Should students be able to have free access to the Internet in school?
Should whale hunting be allowed?
Should the press be allowed to write gossip about famous people?
Do violent computer games encourage violence in children?
Are teenage magazines suitable for teenagers?
Does racism exist?
Should Britain have gone to war in Iraq?
Should we bring back the cane?
Should parents be allowed to smack children?





















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