Lesson idea: Measuring BMI

A great spreadsheet lesson with year 7 is to get them to calculate body mass index.

That way they all (maybe a select few if you only have 30 mins) get to come to the front of the class you record their height and mass in metres and kg.

Then use a formula to show them how to calc BMI = mass / heightsquared.

As the average adult should be between 19 and 24, you'll find the vast majority are less than 19 which makes them happy.

You can go on to show them sorting, and conditional formatting too for the 3 areas "under 19", "19 - 24" and "over 24".

Everyone joins in, it's fun (especially if you have the bottle to act as a boxing commentator at a weigh in), basic formula are driven home, and it's "cross curricular"!!

NOTE: if you have overweight students in the class, they might feel uncomfortable with this type of lesson so it might need some adaptation e.g. volunteers only.


This lesson suggestion was submitted to the TES website by DJ Phillips




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