6. Other gaming devices

These days many other devices can be used for playing games as well. For instance

Mobile phone.

smart phoneSmartphones such as the iPhone and Android phones can play hundreds of games in the form of 'apps' either free or paid.

They tend to be simple compared to a console game but they are incredibly addictive and fun to play.

They have the advantage of being able to be played anywhere - on the bus, train, car - or even the office if no one is looking! The input method tends to be just tapping the touch sensitive screen


Handheld console

These are designed to be carried around. They are very light and have a smallish colour screen.

The games are played by using the built in controls or sometimes a stylus which you tap in the screen.


Tablet computers

Their large screens offer plenty of space for lovely graphics and there are games that make very clever use of their other built-in sensors for tilt, touch and even location.


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