2. Gaming consoles

Gaming is so popular that machines have been developed that are dedicated to playing computer games. They are called 'consoles'. They are extremely powerful graphics machines with excellent sound capabilities as well. For example

Sony PlayStation 4  
Microsoft Xbox 1  
Nintendo Wii  

A console is different from a standard computer in that it does not include a keyboard, mouse or monitor. Instead they come with their own dedicated input devices. You are expected to have your own output devices already - namely a television or a monitor with a hi-fi system.

Deciding which one to buy will depend on what you want to do with the machine.

Interesting fact

Consoles are extremely powerful computers in their own right - they just happen to be dedicated to run games - but they can run other software as well. A scientist wanted to solve some complicated maths on a supercomputer. But he could not afford to rent time on a full supercomputer. So he bought eight Playstation 3 consoles and linked them together to form his very own supercomputer. Story here.


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