5. Comparison of a PC with a console

One of the key differences between a console and a personal computer are the input devices used to play the game. A personal computer mainly makes use of a keyboard and mouse or even a touch screen, whilst a console will use a dedicated gamepad or other device.

So for certain types of game, the laptop is actually easier to use. For instance, massively multi-player online role playing games - MMORG such as World of Warcraft.

These are strategy games rather than all-out fast action, they also include lots of interaction with other players by typing messages on-screen. So a keyboard and mouse is a better interface for this than a hand-held game pad.

Here are some comparisons

Personal Computer Console

Input devices are mainly keyboard and mouse although specialised devices such as joystick and wheel can be bought

Input devices are gamepad, wheels, motion sensing

Can be used for all the other things a computer can do such as writing essays and sending emails

Dedicated games machine but new ones allow some television viewing, internet browsing and online areas

Mainly used at a table and chair as you need to use the keyboard and mouse

Can be used more casually on the sofa


Graphics performance depends on the graphics card installed or the performance of the motherboard graphics chip.

Very advanced graphics is one of its key strengths

A dedicated games computer can be expensive as it may be set up with the latest (expensive) graphics card and perhaps overclocking to get the very fastest processing speed..

Cheaper than a dedicated games computer

The make of computer does not matter when playing with other people online

Online games can only be played with people using the same console

Tends not to be in the living room so sharing a game with family and friends is not so easy

Console can sit next to the television in the living room, so easy to share games with the family or friends

Booting up the computer and then the game itself can take a while

Just switch it on and load the game

Software driver updates in one game can affect other games on the computer - or even stop it working properly

Each game is written for the specific console, so few problems to do with software incompatibilty

Excellent for games needing lots of messaging with other people whilst playing

Does not have a keyboard, so messaging is not easy. Although speaking into a microphone is possible


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