5. Benefits of the FOI Act

If people have an interest in a particular area they are able to request information that was not previously available to the public.

News reporters are able to gather indepth and accurate information about a story that they might be investigating. They often identify issues in the news that we would previously have had no idea about.

If a development or change is being planned to your local area e.g. a proposed new airport or housing development, you can find out all of the information that is available. In the past, you would have only known what the authorities had chosen to make public. Having the full facts can enable you to make a decision as to the benefit/issues that the proposed changes might make to you.

Many people used to believe in conspiracy theories and that information was being withheld or hidden from us. This Act has led to a much more open society where people can feel confident that they know things aren't being hidden.


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