9. British Computing Society Code of Conduct

The BCS has set out a list of codes in order to encourage professional and ethical behaviour.

The full code of conduct can be obtained from http://www.bcs.org/category/6030

  1. Public Interest
    This section has a number of codes to encourage members to be mindful of public safety and the environment as well as the treating everyone with respect and dignity.

  2. Professional Competence and Integrity
    Be truthful about your current level of formal qualifications. Be open minded. Ensure you have training plans on an ongoing basis to remain up to date. Have thorough knowledge of legislation relevant to your field. Behave in an ethical manner and reject any offers of bribery or other unethical practices.

  3. Duty to Relevant Authority
    The relevant authority is usually your employer. So act at all times in a professional manner, taking care to look after their interests as long as it is compatible with the public interest. For example, keep information confidential. Accept responsibility for your own work and the quality of work produced by the people working for you.

  4. Duty to the Profession
    As a member of your chosen profession, act at all times to uphold the reputation the institute. Do not do anything bring the institute into disrepute. Encourage fellow members to continue their professional development.

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