5. Communication

An important aspect of change management is to have a well-planned communication strategy. If people are kept in the dark, then they will start guessing and bad rumours will spread. The rumours could make people think that the change is far worse than it actually is.

To forestall this behaviour, the true facts should be communicated properly and effectively.

Things to communicate:

  • The full facts as to why the change is needed
  • How it will affect parts of the organisation
  • The timing plan for the change
  • Support plans the organisation has put in place (if any)

For example sending a broadcast email to declare a serious change is not the best way.

Good methods include

  • Face to face meetings could be arranged.
  • An employee conference could be arranged where anyone can present questions to senior management.
  • The line manager could use their regular team meetings to communicate the change sensitively and to gather opinions. These could then be fed back up the management chain.
  • Setting up a company wide web site and forum where the facts are laid out and people can discuss things openly.
  • Questionnaires could be set up to gather people's opinions and ideas about the change.


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