3. Production example

A form, fill and seal machine

This is a mainstay of the food industry. It does exactly what it says, namely forms the container, fills the container with product then seals the product ready for despatch. The clip below shows a typical specification.

Note the mention of PLC (programmable logic controller) which is a device that can control the sequence of operations within the machine. The machine has a variety of output servos, a photo sensor and note also the sheer speed of the machine of over 100 bags per minute.

This kind of machine is likely to be networked with other plant both upstream and downstream of the production line so they all work together to produce a steady stream of product.


High Speed Vertical Form fill & seal machine.
Up to 100 Bags per minute  

PLC controller with touch screen interface for easy operating
Servo-driven end seal jaws
Servo-driven film transport
Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous working together
One-piece bag former, quick changing
Exact warning function for product caught
Photo sensor for automatic tracking eye marks
Stainless Steel for excellent durability and sanitation

challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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