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Cover Lessons

Cover lesson

Jon Bridgeman of Finham Park School has kindly contributed a cover lesson for this unit.

Each lesson comes with a pupil worksheet and a guidance sheet for the teacher. The guidance sheet is designed to be used by the cover teacher and will explain how the students should approach the tasks. It also gives guidance on internet usage and SEN.

Please note that there may be references on the sheets to Jon's school network directory structure so you wil have to change these to suit your particular network and file system

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Poor presentations

It is so easy to create a very badly designed presentation.

This task asks students to investigate what makes a poor presentation. They then need to present their findings in a well designed presentation.


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General Resources

PowerPoint Video Tutorials

Encourage independent learning by getting the students to try to find out for themselves how to do something rather than automatically relying on you to show them.

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Common mistakes with images

A PPT which can be used to highlight some of the common mistakes that people make when working with images.

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VBA for PowerPoint

Rather than get your students to create their hundredth PPT presentation, how about getting them to do something cool instead.

This excellent instructional booklet shows students how to set up interactive quizzes using PPT and some simple VBA.

Excellent as an extension activity for G&T students or for doing something completely different.

Kindly contributed by Tim Gamble

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Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems


Free Sounds

Site One

Site Two


ks3 7.1 sow

ks3 7.1 sow

Free Movie Clips

Explore this website to find some interesting stock footage from NASA which can be used as part of a presentation project.


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