4. Software Licenceslicence

When you purchase a piece of software you don't actually own the software. What you are buying is a licence to be able to use the software.

You are able to load your software onto your machine at home and use it for as long as you like. You are not however, allowed to take it to your mates and load it onto his computer - he doesn't have a licence to use it.


Software Licences
Type of licence How many people it covers
Single User Licence The software can be loaded onto just one machine. Only one person can use the software at a time. However, if that person stops using the machine then someone else can log on and use the software.
Multi User Licence Multi-user licences are bought for a certain number of users e.g. 20. So at any one time, up to 20 people on the network can use the software. The 21st person cannot use the software until one person logs off or shuts it down.
Site Licence A site licence allows everyone on that site or in an office to use the software. It can be loaded onto every machine and anyone on the site can use it. Sometimes a site licence covers loading the software onto staff laptops so that they can use it whilst on the move. It might even cover staff to have a copy of the software at home, but that is dependent on the terms of the site licence. You shouldn't just assume that you can do this.


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