4. Touchpad

A touchpad is an input device which is usually found on a laptop computer.


Because a laptop is meant to be portable, people aren't always able to attach a traditional mouse, it might be too much hassle or there might not be enough room to use one. A touchpad can be used in place of a mouse.

By dragging your finger over the surface of the touchpad, sensors underneath detect the movement direction and speed. The sensors only react to a fingertip and not a pencil or other object. There are usually two buttons next to the touchpad which are used to replace the left and right mouse button.


Advantages of touchpads Disadvantages of touchpads
Useful for laptops when using a mouse isn't practical Takes practice and skill to control the position of the cursor using the touchpad
The pad's position is fixed compared to the keyboard, unlike with a traditional mouse Gloves cannot be worn i.e. in a clean room or industrial environment where gloves need to be worn.
Very short finger movements are required to move the cursor Moist, sweaty or calloused fingers can disrupt the signals picked up by the sensors.

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