7. Backup server

We have discussed a file server earlier. All file servers should have a backup policy in place. This may simply be using an attached tape streamer but an alternative is to use a dedicated backup server.

This can access the file servers on a regular basis to make a copy of every file. This has the benefit of off-loading this task from the file server themselves.

Backup server is usually scheduled to run at a quiet period such as work after-hours or overnight.

A large backup server may be handling a number of tape streamers for offline archiving. Perhaps even a robotic system to insert and remove data cassettes from its tape readers.

Advantages of a backup server
Disadvantages of a backup server
Less load on the file servers as the backup overhead is taken up by the backup server Increased network bandwidth as all backup data has to travel across the network
Faster than a file server with attached tape streamer Can be expensive compared to a tape streamers
A single backup server can handle the contents of several file servers Not cost-effective for simple networks - tape streamer is a better option

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