6. Email server

Email today is a fundamental part of most organisations. The simplest approach is to use an online service for email services. This will work, but an alternative is to deploy an email server on the network. This will manage all aspects of email - sending, receiving and storing emails

For instance each employee can have a proper business email address such as joe1@mycompany.com

Departments can be given a shared email address such as sales@mycompany.com that sales staff then manage.

With an email server it is also simple to send broadcast message to every employee from senior management such as how the company is doing.


Advantages of an email server
Disadvantages of an email server
Each person can have their own business related inbox Email servers require technical expertise to manage
Only authorised people can send or receive email For a small organisation, a remote email service may be more cost-effective
Spam can be filtered before cluttering up their inbox  
Emails can be archived / stored to meet legal requirements that some companies have to adhere to.  
Each inbox can be allocated a quota limit  
Shared calendars can be set up  

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