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6. How to deal with cyber bullying

Unfortunately cyber bullying seems to be happening more often as time goes on. We can only give you some tips on how to try to protect yourself.

Personal information

Don't give out personal information in chatrooms, social websites, blogs, etc.


Don't tell anyone, even your best friends, your passwords. They might be your best friend now, but what if you have an argument. They might log into your account and post really mean things and make it look like it was you.

Don't respond

If you receive any mean or threatening messages in the chatroom, text or email, don't ever respond. You might be tempted to delete the message but don't. Save it and show an adult - you might need the message to use as evidence against the person who sent it.

Contact the website

If you find mean things have been said about you on a website or social media channel you can ask to have the comments removed. The same is true if you find out that photographs or videos have been posted without your permission.

Tell someone

Don't suffer in silence. If you are being bullied then tell your parents. If you don't feel that you can talk to them then tell a teacher or an adult that you trust. You mustn't keep it to yourself because if you do, the bully has got exactly what they want.