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5. Cyber Bullying

You might have heard the term 'cyber bullying' but not be sure what it means.

Cyber bullying means to try to hurt someone's feelings by using technology such as the internet, email, social media and texting.

As many as one third of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying. This has included things like having a private email you sent to someone forwarded to other people so they could read it, or having a rumour or an embarrassing photograph posted about you online, without your permission.

In the past, bullying took place in school or on the way to school. Things would be whispered, shouted or passed around. Now, with a few clicks, a photo, video or a conversation can be shared with hundreds via e-mail or millions through a website, online profile or blog posting.

Some people think that it's ok to do these things. They think that because its online and not being said in person, it doesn't count or it won't hurt anyone. They might feel like they are anonymous because of the Internet and that they can post whatever they like because they won't get found out.

Don't be a person who bullies others using technology. It is cruel and mean. It does hurt others. It does humiliate them. It does make them feel bad about themselves.