4. Microprocessors in everyday life

Here mobile phoneare some examples of devices in everyday life which contain microprocessors:

  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Traffic light systems
  • Car park barriers
  • Cars
  • Aircraft
  • Lifts
  • Rides at theme parks
  • Computer controlled lighting systems at discos and concerts
  • Remote controlled car
  • Games console



Role of Microprocessor
Traffic light system

Controls sequence of lights from green to amber to red.

Interprets data from sensors to recognise when a car has approached the traffic light.

Changes opposite set of lights to stop traffic and allow cars from the other direction through.


Cars contain a huge number of microprocessors whcih control a large number of systems such as:

  • braking system
  • fuel system
  • heating and air conditioning
  • lighting system
  • digital displays
  • gps system
  • in car audio system

Controls the opening and closing of the door

Reads data from door sensors to ensure that door doesn't close when someone is entering or exiting

Interprets and processes data from which button is pressed re: floor to travel to

Sends signal to software and motors to ensure lift travels to correct floor

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