3. At the office continued.


As mentioned on an earlier page, faxes became a popular method of sending documents electronically. They are still used, however email has become the main way people send documents attachments. One problem with email though is that you have to have the document in electronic form or you have to scan the paper document to create the file, but with fax, you simply feed the paper document through it.


Fixed Land-Line Telephones

Many people still have a telephone on their desk at work and this remains a popular method of communication. However, even the telephone is being used less as people send off a quick email or use a their business mobile phones instead (if they have one).


Mobile phones

Most people have a mobile phone and even when working in the office with a telephone on the desk, many people can be seen using their mobile as their preferred method of communication.


Instant messaging

Some companies also support Instant Messaging which allows people to chat in real-time. This type of communication however is usually strictly monitored and there are normally clear rules about not using IM for personal chats.


Video conferencing

To save on time and travel, video conferencing allows people in different parts of the country or even different countries to hold a 'meeting' with each other in real time. Video conferencing may use a basic webcam setup or it could be a full blown professional conference suite.



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