2. At the office

officeEven in the 1980s it was common for larger companies to have a secretarial pool. Most executives did not have a clue how to use a computer and even fewer were able to type a letter.

However as we know, personal computers have become increasingly common over the past few decades and nowadays there are very few people who do not know how to use one even at the most basic level.

Emails and Instant Messaging

In the past, formal typed memos would have been issued if any communication was needed within the company. Nowadays it is far more convenient for people to send a quick message by Electronic mail (email) or Instant Messaging systems. The message can be sent to just one person or to a group of people in just a few seconds.

In addition, files can be attached to the email, making the exchange of information even easier.

Such is the popularity and almost dependence on email that some companies are now trying to encourage their staff to actually talk to one another! Some companies have introduced 'no-email' days to make people walk over to talk to the other person.


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