8. Characteristics of online training systems

An online training system allows a company to offer training at a time convenient to the customer or employee.

For instance many companies offer employees online training courses which they can undertake from their desk at work. Courses can be completed gradually over a number of sessions.


Characteristics of an online training course

Characterisitcs of an online training system
A course can be linear i.e. section 1 is always followed by section 2. Or it can be non-linear, where the next section to be covered depends on the answers a student gives in the previous section.
Video clips and multimedia clips help explain concepts, to demonstrate a feature or an action
The course can be stopped and started to suit the learner. The package will remember where the student ended and return them to that point next time they log on.
Pace of learning set by the student. They can repeat an exercise until they are confident they have learned it.
Can return to previous topics to reinforce any concepts not fully understood
Tests and instant feedback for the student to know how they are getting on
Trainer should be able to view a student's progress and assess if they need help
The system should provide statistical information such as average scores etc
If internet based then the course can be taken from anywhere at any time


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