5. Characteristics of stock control systems

Stock costs money.

So a business does not want to hold a huge amount of stock, but neither nor do they want to run out of stock, so losing business and annoying customers.

The way this balance between too much and too little stock is handled is to make use of a stock control system

A stock control system is a database application.

There are many commercial stock control systems you can buy off the shelf.

On the other hand if it needs to handle the stocks of a huge complicated company then they may invest in a bespoke database system.

And if you only handle a few stock items, perhaps a simple hand-managed spreadsheet would be sufficient

Computerised stock control systems share the following characteristics


Characterisitcs of a stock control system:
They are able to record how many of a particular item is in stock
Have a record of when new orders of a specified product are due to be delivered
Can be used to search for the details of the supplier e.g. name, address, phone number
Used for Just in Time (JIT) ordering (items only ordered as they are needed)
They can produce lists of products stocked and suppliers
Hold minimum and maximum stock levels (can warn when minimum stock level reached)
Automatic reordering when minimum stock level reached
Automatic ordering can be overridden by staff if necessary
Look up delivery times for products ordered
Update stock records when deliveries are made
Predict stock levels needed based on previous sales
Produce reports of sales of different items
Can be used to change the price or description of a product



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