3. Current performance

Once the system has bedded into the organisation and people are familiar with it, a review is a good chance to consider any issues with it.

Problem resolution

A company process may be in place for people to report any bugs or anomalies as they arise. The IT development team respond to these as and when they can.

At the review, the IT team can report on the issues that have been resolved and any that are still outstanding. The review can also consider whether the problem resolution process itself is working adequately for users.



A review is also a good point at which to discuss improvements to the system.

For example, there may be a formal way in the company for users to suggest improvements such as a better data entry form, or a more efficient way of doing something. The review can be used to report on these opportunities.

The technical team may see opportunities to add better hardware or software to the system.


There may be other systems and hardware that are coming to the end of their life which the system is dependent upon. And so obsolescence can be discussed and planned for at the review


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